Before creating a yarn our engineering team analyses the real needs of human being. By this approach we discovered the importance of copper insinde our organism indeed it is assimilated through food and drinks.

Reading the pages of history, we also found an ancient use of copper during Roman Empire from which scientists and doctors developed the Cupro Therapy.

The Cupro therapy is the therapeutic use of copper or its salts. Copper bracelets were used 6000 years before Christ, and among those who suggested them in order to improve the state of health we can name Aristotle, Galen, Hippocrates, and Avicenna. A survey on 300 people, suffering from arthritis and who wore copper bracelets, showed that a “significant number” of them has claimed to have had benefits from the bracelet.

Furthermore, studies showed like bracelets had lost 50 mg over a period of 50 days.

The Cupro Therapy, in conclusion, shows how copper can be assimilated not only through food and drinking water, but also through the skin.

It’s very important for brands and weavers to know the real needs of human body when they decide to design a textile. In this way each company can find the right and fittable yarn to reach their goals and to generate customer satisfaction.

The real mission of a company is giving value to its customer. And by the way Resistex has a sufficient number of real performing yarns to allow that.