The innovation that changes textile world


the innovation that changes textile world

Resistex® Bioceramic is the ultimate discover in Resistex® Increase Your Performance.
It enriches the range of high-tech and innovative yarns offering total protection against environmental changes and against their influences on human health.



Bioceramic offers a high level of thermal insulation that maintains the body temperature constant, even in cold environments.


Because of its particular structure, it maintains a constant effectiveness over time, even after multiple washings.


Its special fibers protect from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.


Thanks to the action of the bioceramic, the body heat is absorbed by the yarn and then returned back to the body in the form of FIR rays able to penetrate the subcutaneous layers and to stimulate the microcirculatory system, strengthening the metabolism.


The Bioceramic fiber ensures long-term freshness during exposure and sports activities.

How it’s made

After several years of research Tecnofilati’s R&D department selected a certain type of minerals characterized by thermic capacity and light reflection properties to create a new yarn named Resistex® Bioceramic
The minerals chosen are:

  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Aluminium Oxide
  • Zinc Dioxide

The minerals were subjected to different processing steps to make them a nanometer-sized powder which subse-quently allowed them to be added to PET and give life to the Resistex Bioceramic Master Batch. The Master Batch was mixed with Polyester and subsequently extruded to obtain the Resistex Bioceramic yarn, both filament and fiber.

How Bioceramic works

The Resistex® Bioceramic yarn is used for the production of fabrics that, thanks to the presence of the minerals con-tained within it, are able to absorb and reflect the heat of the human body, allowing an advanced form of photo-treatment as it does not require a source of active light, but uses the reflected light generated by the body heat. Once stimulated by heat, the minerals present in the yarn reflect high levels of light in the bio-infrared band (F.I.R) that pene-trate the cutaneous and subcutaneous layers and interact with the water molecules and with the organic compounds present in the tissues.

Bio-ceramic is therefore able to reflect FIR (far infrared rays), ie a type of electromagnetic waves of reduced length, belonging to the spectrum of sunlight and similar to its invisible radiations (gamma rays, X-rays and ultraviolet rays), as they are able to penetrate to a depth of 4/5 cm.

As some research studies in the biological field have demonstrated, thanks to these characteristics, the FIR are ab-sorbed with great ease by the organism, to which they provide an indispensable contribution to growth and develop-ment. The heat generated by FIR facilitates the relaxation of contracted muscles. The increase in blood flow, which fol-lows the vasodilatation, sends more nutrients, oxygen, white blood cells and antibodies into the tissues and facilitates the removal of catabolites from the tissues. These biological modifications improve tissue trophism, facilitate the repair of tissue damage and accelerate the resolution of inflammatory infiltrates.

Why Bioceramic against heat

Resistex® Bioceramic is a fiber made by polyester tied with bio-ceramic materials, able to offer a precise solution for each human need, both inside and out. UV-A and UV-B ultraviolet rays injure the body, causing irritations and sunburns, but Bioceramic is able to protect the skin.
On the other hand, there is the ability to reflect the rays of a caloric nature: by screening the heat of the sunlight, low-ering the temperature of the inner surface of the fabric and ensuring freshness and comfort during sporting activities or the normal routine of the man.

Why Bioceramics against cold

Thanks to the presence of bio-ceramics, Resistex® Bioceramic has a high thermal insulation that allows to maintain con-stant body temperature even in extreme cold conditions.
Finally, Resistex® Bioceramic plays a stimulating action of the microcirculatory system and of constant strengthening of the metabolism.

A yarn against pollution

The pollution of the atmosphere is progressively compromising the protection of the ozone layer, facilitating the pas-sage of ultraviolet rays, reducing the possibility of absorbing the precious FIR, instead increasing the harmful effects on human health.
Based on these needs, Resistex® Bioceramic has created a yarn able to guarantee total well-being to the body.

Innovative features

  • last generation yarn made by polyestere fibers and bioceramic materials resistent even after multiple washes;
  • high level of flexibility in combination with natural fibers;
  • total protection against UV-A and UV-B rays;
  • active barrier against the sun: long lasting freshness for the body during sport activity or exposure to the sun;
  • high level of thermal insulation due to bio-ceramic fibers that shields from cold;
  • FIR emission to stimulate the body’s microcirculatory system and the strengthening of the metabolism.

UV Factor

Prolonged exposure of the skin to ultraviolet rays increases the risk of skin cancer and can cause erythema and burns. The UV-A rays penetrate through the epidermis in good percentage and, reaching directly the dermis, they damage the fibrous tissues causing drying and premature aging of the skin.
The UV-B rays instead are totally absorbed by the epidermis subjecting it to the risk of burns, stains and irritations. The epidermis produces, in fact, an important protective pigment: melanin.
Because of the damage caused to the cells that produce this substance we can experience the appearance of permanent spots on the skin.
These harmful ultraviolet rays should be totally absorbed by the ozone layer around the Earth.
However, the pollution of the atmosphere is progressively compromising the protection of the ozone layer, facilitating the ever-increasing passage of UV rays.
Resistex® Bioceramic is the yarn able to guarantee the body the protection it needs.


The tests carried out show that Resistex® Bioceramic significantly reduces the consumption of calories, thus safeguard-ing the physical energy of the body.
The bioceramic guarantees a high thermal insulation that keeps the body temperature constant even in extremely cold conditions.
As demonstrated by the clinical tests, Resistex® Bioceramic has a microcirculatory stimulating action that also translates into a constant strengthening of the metabolism.


The range of Resistex® Bioceramic yarns can be used in various sectors due to their extraordinary qualities. Resistex® Bioceramic, thanks to its characteristics of protection from UV-A rays (main cause of damage to fibrous tissues, drying and premature aging of the skin) and UV-B rays (absorbed by the skin and subjecting it to burns), and its extraordinary characteristic of reproducing FIR (far infrared rays), able to stimulate the micro circulatory system, finds multiple ap-plications in:
  • Socks and sportwear;
  • Underwear;
  • Blankets;
  • Mattresses;
  • Casual clothing;
  • Knitwear;
  • Bed sheets.


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