Increases the technical performance of sportswear

improving muscle performance


Increases the technical performance of

sportswear improving muscle performance

Resistex® Carbon is a yarn by the unique technical characteristics, obtained by the union of textile fibers with a continuous filament of conductive material based on active carbon.



Because of its conductivity, the fiber absorbs and disperses electric charges accumulated from the environment or during physical exercise.


It speeds up the evaporation process, slows down the build-up of skin moisture and keeps the body at constant temperature.


Because it protects the body from absorbing static energy, electrosmog and UV rays.

Resistex® Carbon, a hi-tech yarn

Directly from Tecnofilati’s laboratories, the newest Resistex® Carbon: a yarn characterised by the unique technical features, obtained through the union of textile fibers with a continuous filament of conductive material based on active carbon.
It is born to better human performance in every condition by offering three important benefits: the reduction of oxygen need, the reduction of heartbeats and the reduction of lactic acid.

Resistex® Carbon as a static protection

Physical fitness is certainly one of the crucial points that determine the performance of a sportsman, and the surrounding environment in which an athlete is measured presents numerous pitfalls that could compromise muscle integrity, linked to difficulties in controlling static electricity. Extensive studies in the field of ESD (Electro Static Discharge) have shown that the environmental threat of variable electric fields affects any type of environment. The human organism is affected by the presence of these natural phenomena and accentuated by the surrounding urban context.
The electric charges that are dispersed in the body of an athlete are responsible for numerous negative effects. That’s why the sports fabrics that include in their composition the Resistex® Carbon yarn can prevent the electric charges from discharging on the body, thus avoiding muscle contractions, cramps and fatigue. Carbon improves the electrical performance of the human body by promoting blood circulation and the regular supply of oxygen to the cells, offering an increase in resistance and reducing the sense of fatigue in the muscles.

Comfortable wearing: Wellness even under pressure

The high conductivity characteristics of Resistex® Carbon also allow a quick the dispersion of sweat, inducing sweat evaporation.
The less sweat comes in contact with the skin, the greater the wellbeing feeling, a comfortable wear that we can define “wellness even under pressure”.
Another peculiarity of our yarn is the feeling of wellbeing, connected to the high level of conductivity of the yarn.
The presence of Resistex® Carbon avoids the dejection of electric charges against human body.
We can consequently state that carbon improves the electric performance of our body allowing a decrease in body swear and an increasing its evaporation.

Resistex® Carbon. Increase your performance

Beyond the physical prowess, the competitive motivations and the ability to analyze competitive situations, the right yarn can also make the difference. It is in fact shown that Resistex® Carbon increases the technical performance of sportswear, guaranteeing muscular hold protection for the athlete against the external environment. Especially in high temperatures and resistance tests, the conductivity of the Resistex® Carbon yarn stabilizes the external environment, favoring athletic performance over the medium to long term, if compared to adversaries wearing a fabric without those properties.
A physical test performed over a period of thirty minutes, with athletes wearing a shirt containing Resistex® Carbon yarn, shows that at the 15th minute and at the 30th minute, the athlete’s metabolic energy presents a growth index of yield, which goes from 24.68% to 24.93% and indicates that the muscular system can transform heat into mechanical energy.

Physical Tests

Numerous tests in collaboration with Dr. David Susta, Scientific Director of the Development Training Centre in Co-mo, have compared the jersey Resistex® Carbon to other polyester jerseys, worn by a group of athletes during a workout in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. The results shown that the increase of body tem-perature in Resistex® Carbon jersey was three times lower: that allows to save 3 liters per minute, increasing resistance and respiratory quotient. The heart rate of athletes that were wearing Resistex® Carbon was lower than 4 beats per minute: in a 4 hours run this is translated into 1.000 heartbeats less than normal. The last benefit is related to the concentration of lactic acid in capillar blood: the result is 12% lower in the athletes who wore jersey made with Resistex® Carbon.


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