Munich comes again the international Capital City of Performance for the textile world, hosting Performance Days: the greatest field’s exhibition. There, from all over the world, innovative companies are coming, among whose is present Tecnofilati Srl with its brand Resistex. Resistex is a leading name in terms of performing and innovative yarns, all italian based for research and production: from the R&D department to the spinning plants, in a full range of products declinated to the main human needs for uses and applications.

Tecnofilati, company part of Abati Group, will be present at booth TO3/TO4, on October 4th and 5th, with its brand Resistex.

The value-add of this exhibition will be Resistex Graphene, a unique yarn which marries the tehcnical peculiarities with high performance given by the raw natural material in it. The graphene used in these yarns is of the highest quality available on the market, with an accurate control of the atomic layers (average distribution of 6 ÷ 8 atomic layers) supported by a quality certificate issued by a prestigious Italian University.

Graphene is the most widely studied material in the world today. Although hundreds of two-dimensional (2D) crystals are available, graphene is undoubtedly the most famous because of its intrinsic characteristics. It is produced from graphite and consists of a monoatomic layer of carbon atoms, arranged in a hexagonal structure.

Resistex brand includes a wide range of technical yarns, such as:

  • Resistex Inox yarn
  • Resistex Carbon yarn
  • Resistex Copper yarn
  • Resistex Silver yarn
  • Resistex Bioceramic

Nowadays Resistex is considered a worldwide landmark in the field of technical yarns’ production and in their vast are-as of application. Medical, Workwear, Wellness, Sport, Industry and Fashion. From the get-go Tecnofilati was funded with a precise intent: improving human capabilities in the most possible fields, from work to sport, from the home living to the prevention of illnesses through 30 years of research and development of unique products.

In terms of performance, Resistex range of yarns offers different features: Antistatic, sun shielding, sanitising, insulating, heat regulanting, thermostatic and anti aging. We wait for you to take part of our exposition and discover the latest news of the textile world.