Another year of performance and innovation signed by Resistex: the italian brand belonging to Tecnofilati Srl, company part of Abati Group.

At the German’s exhibition Performance Days, that took place in Munich, the company presented the whole range of yarns to the international audience: a collection of high-tech yarns, to improve any field of the human life.

Resistex Carbon: a yarn with unique technical features obtained by uniting textile fibers with a continuous filament of conductive material based on active carbon

Resistex Copper: is a high tech yarn obtained by uniting natural or artificial fibers with pure copper

Resistex Bioceramic: a polyester fiber linked to bio-ceramic crystals able to perform a highly beneficial action for the human body

Resistex Silver: is obtained by coating a continuous nylon filament with a 99.9% pure silverlayer. It’s a yarn developed for wellness

Resistex Graphene: high quality certificate yarn, with higher abasion resistence, antistatic, conductive and thermoregulating properties

The secret of the brand lays in the set up of company’s departments, that collaborate with independet labs, able to create yarns suitable for any application, offering an improvement of the performance.