The impact of the season’s change on the human body is easily perceivable in the daily life through the decreasing trend of the performance.

Medicine always suggests best practices to face the main risks, from food to dietary supplements, but there’s an addictional solution able to prevent to the side effect of the coming autumn.

It’s not a secret, but a strong know how completely made in Italy, resumable in one word: Resistex! Since 1995 our brand is synonymous of performance due to the technical yarns developed by the time that help body and mind to promptly react to all the factors which affect our wellness.

  1. Sun Shielding feature: a lot of sportsmen still practice outdoor disciplines, and even the cold nights, the afteroons could be still warm in autumn. Hence our brand suggests clothes made with Resistex Bioceramic.This kind of yarn guarantees a reflective action of the rays of thermal nature, generating a shielding effect against the heat of the sunlight.
  1. Insulating feature: the increasing difference of temperature between days and nights needs a special yarn able to guarantee a high thermal insulation that keeps its temperature constant. This feature create a perfect condition for the comfort of the body.
  2. Reflective feature: holidays are already finished, and people are back to the daily life among electrosmog absortion and the static energy of the city. Resistex yarns made with Copper, Silver and Carbon are able to protect the body against these phenomena.
  3. Heat Regulating Feature: this one represents a common trait of all our main yarns. Resistex Copper, Resistex Carbon, Resistex Bioceramic and Resistex Silver. Each one can accelerate the evaporation process of the sweat, slowing down the generation of moisture on the skin. The this allows to keep the temperature constant.

All this is made possible by years of internal researches and tests that made our company Tecnofilati unique. The result is a whole range of technical yarns characterised by a high level of performance in vast areas of application: medical, workwear, wellness, sport, industry and fashion