Winter is coming, and Christmas Holiday too. It’s time to relax, taking a breath from your daily engagement and throwback to your hobbies such as sport…

Ski, snowboard, walking in mountain? Whatever you do, you expone your body at the UV Rays and the effect of low temperatures. Even though you love the cold season, several risks lay behind the corner and you must avoid them.

That’s way we introduce the silve, as raw material known, now used for the production of performing yarns signe by Resistex brand. In the following lines we explain you which benefits it gives you if inserted in the textile’s clothes you are wearing.

Reflecting poweR. The reflectance of infrared (IR) in silver is greater than 95%. This value is higher than any other element, and it means that 95% of the radiant energy which comes into contact with silver is reflected back to its source. Consequently Resistex® Silver reduces to a minimum the dispersion of heat, reflecting on the skin its own energy. For this reason, clothing made with winter Resistex® Silver are much warmer than regular ones.

Radiating poweR. Silver has one of the lowest rates of radiance among all the elements, which means that it has a very low speed radiation of heat. Silver remains hot for a long time (as opposed to the other elements which retain heat for a very short time). The winter clothing in Resistex® Silver are able to absorb and store in its fibers for a very long time the heat that is not reflected on the body. For this reason, clothing made with winter Resistex® Silver keep the wearer warm much longer.


evapoRating poweR. Resistex® Silver promotes the natural transfer of humidity through the hydrophobic materials the same way the body does through evaporation. In a humid environment the conductive properties of Resistex® Silver increase the rate of moisture evaporation compared to the other hydrophobic materials. For this reason, clothing made with winter Resistex® Silver eliminate the body moisture faster.