Too much exciting to keep still. Triathlon is emotion and emotion is the sap of Resistex® Team. That’s whay today, dear sportsmen and inquirings, we speak about the second appointement with the Winter Triathlon Tarvisio. If the first edition was a dark horse, the second one is a certainty: mountain running, mountain bike and cross country skiing, in each case always sorrounded by the whitest snow. Well, the love for triathlon and the passion for skiing are going to active the everybody’s muscles, while all the athletes are await for the 25th of january, when the challange will start.

The athletes come from Italy, Slovenia and Austria, and the challange is valid for Absolute Italian Championship of Winter Triathlon. To validate this venture is the partecipation of FITRI (Triathlon Italian Federation). The layout is composed by 6km of running, 12 of mountain bike and 6 of cross country skiing. Buto ne of the most important aspect is the eco-friendly asset of the campetition, thanks to a pure and untontaminated ambient beneath Mangart Mounth, between the Alps. This is an incredible exhibition that you can’t miss. So keep in touch and save the date: 25th of january, 11.30 a.m.