As in sport as in life, the environment is characterised by the presence of electricity charges that negatively affect the human body. Along the whole last of a performance, physical fitness is certainty one of the crucial points that determine the performance of a sportman or a worker.

First point to specify, is the use of Carbon yarn, not just related to the sport world, but also to increase the safety on work.

As we said before, the surrounding environment in which a person plays or acts presents numerous pitfalls that could compromise muscle integrity, linked to difficulties in controlling static electricity which is all around us.

Intensive studies in the field of ESD (electro static discharge) have shown that the enviromental organism is affected by the presence of these natural phenomena and accentuated by the surrounding urban context. The electric charges that are dispersed in the body of an athlete or a worker are responsible for numerous negative effects. That’s why now the main brand decide to produce their collection by choosing Resistex Carbon Yarn.

Resistex Carbon yarn can prevent the electric charges from discharging the body, thus avoidung muscle contractions, cramps and fatigue. Moreover Resistex Carbon improves the electrical performance of the human bpdy by promoting blood circulation and in the regular supply of oxygen to the cells, offering an increasement in resistence and reducing the sense of fatigue in the muscles.

Many features characterise Resistex Carbon, and following our blog you can discover in depth what makes it unique.