People consider that the best wa to improve their respiration’s capability is only related to sport: running, cycling, swimming. It’s true, in part. The other side of the well functioning of the organism needs an aid… Which one?

Several test showed that carbon yarns give you the necessary help.

Numerous tests have been ran in collaboration with Dr. David Susta, scientific director of the Centre for the Development of Training Como. The tests have compared the jersey Resistex® Carbon and other jerseys totally in polyester, worn by a group of athletes during a training done in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

  • the increase in body temperature of the athletes resulted three times lower in those ones who wore Resistex® Carbon
  • respiratory parameters were better in people wearing Resistex® Carbon. For these athletes, the need for oxygen was lowered of 3 liters / minute, improving the respiratory quotient
  • the heart rate of the athletes who were wearing Resistex® Carbon was lower than 4 beats / minute respect the other ones. In a 4 hours run, this translates into about 1,000 heart beats less
  • it was also measured the concentration of lactic acid in capillary blood, with the result of about 12% less acid in those who trained wearing Resistex® Carbon.