Murcielago. Like a bull catched from a farm in Andalusia, the one which resistes to the 24 thrusts inflicted bt the Torero Rafael Molino. Intensity and passion, honour and bravery. What is it? A synonimous of high performance which relates the historic car producer Lamborghini to our Brand, Resistex®. But what really joins these two brand apparentely different, are carbon and ceramic… Not only the memory of the spanish bull. Yes, because Lamborghini presents a frame interely made of carbon and carbon-ceramic, which ensures a better performance and an incredible nimbleness of the car. So we are minding in the same way an athlete engaged in the hardest challange running, swimming or cycling with that comfort ever desired. We’re not here to explain the way and the how Lamborghini is best known as the first Super Car of History of Cars, but to comparate two different italian excellences based on carbon and ceramic. Do you know what make carbon incredible? Its capability to avoid the dispersion of electric charge on human body and consequently muscle contraction thanks to its antistatic property.