Life can change, and your body too, also for a while. Technology meets raw materials and research develops an innovative yarn called Resistex Bioceramic, directly from our laboratory in Tecnofilati company.

Several test showed the great properties present in that yarn, but one above all: the FIR, best known as the Rays of Life.

The starting point to better explain the power of Bioceramic is about the solar spectrum. It contains not only the harmful UV-A and UV-B but also the beneficial FIR, far infrared rays, a type of electromagnetic waves of reduced length.

We are able to reproduce that kind of effect in a special way. Thanks to the action of bio-ceramics, the body heat absorbed by the yarn can be returned in the form of rays FIR (far infrared rays) that are able to penetrate the subcutaneous tissues and stimulate the micro circulation, strengthening our metabolism.

As studies in the biological field have shown, FIR rays are absorbed very easily by the body to which they are an essential contribution for its growth and development.

Resistex® Bioceramic is thus able to reproduce the FIR rays emitted by the sun also known as “rays of life!

Resistex® Bioceramic is a polyester fiber linked to bio-ceramic crystals and capable of performing an action highly beneficial to the human body. On the one hand a natural absorbing function against harmful ultraviolet rays UV-A and UV-B impacting the skin causing irritation, sunburn and melanomas.