Wellness is spread world wide, inside all the natural elements which sorround us. It slide in a yarn of copper too, this time marked by its anti-static nature and its excellent thermal conduction, that allows to activate all the antibacterical properties. A novelty signed by Tecnofilati, which is inspired by several centuries of the past history. Copper’s importance on human body is taught by physics and handed down by the greatest scholarlies of the past which weave intelligence and chimics, in the same way of brand Resistex with brilliant research and innovation. All these situations have created a special yarn that
exploits the benefits of Cupro Therapy, getting in the market with the name of Resistex Copper.
However the real news stands in the  performance given to daily-products-use: blankets, warming fabric, socks, mattresses and curtains which coniugate antibacterical and antistatic properties. And more… Cupro Therapy, for example, is specific to cure arthrosis through copper. A survey on 300 people, suffering from arthritis and who wore copper bracelets,showed
that a “significant number” of them has claimed to have had benefits from the bracelet. Furthermore, studies showed like bracelets had lost 50 mg over a period of 50 days. Indeed Resistex© Copper fights germs and bacteria potentially harmful to human health: it’s an antibacterial, which means it’s able to inhibit the breeding of bacteria.
Metals such as copper and silver are known as bactericidal agents and this effect is due to their action on the cell wall of the microorganism. This property helps reducing odors caused by bacteria.