55 triathlets men and others 55 women are going to represent 42 world nations in the Olympic Challenges in Rio de Janeiro. Today is the day: they must face a though track, very different from the routes we usually know. This article do discover you all what is waiting for these triathlets.

First: the swimming proof takes place in the ocean, and everybody will struggle against the strong brasilian flows for 1.500 metres, or better: 1.5 km! Then the T1 (swim + bike) will be practiced in front of Fort Copacabana shore, one of the beautiful marine landscape

Bike’s route, instead, takes place along 40 km, organized in to’s and fro’s repetitions of 5 km each one. The last effort is represented by run, in a path of 2,5 km on a hilly ground

Guess who will be the winner… We just say: Go Italy!