The Principlaity of Monaco is becoming, day by day, the new élite of sport. This time, it’s the historical regatta to attest the primacy, with a great regatta which will start next july. The event whose we are speaking about was born in 1990, and for 8 years has offered emotion to all the sportsmen of the world, and after 17 years of sleep it’s coming back.

This year, the trait Venice – Montecarlo, the longest of ever, composed by 1.450 miles of navigation comes back with dozen and dozen of boat engaged in the challenge. An italian actor, Renato Pozzetto, (who partecipated to the regatta) defined it a kind of “Dakara on the sea”. Schermata 03-2457093 alle 17.40.22But people know it as “The Sea Marathon”, a speed competition characterized by high altitude and divided in different stages. “This time, we are giving life to an inimitable event, which is attracting the interest of cultural, turistic and economic organization” explained the president Fiorella de Septis. Moreover the new stages have been introduced: Salerno and Formia, and twenty more boats subscribed their partecipation to the event. Exactely: a boat for each italian region. The winner boat will be awarded with the Golden Lion, kept till the next edition of 2016.

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