Innovation lays in each field which is close to technology, where research and experiments lead a product to its evolution’s step. In this case we’re talking about an ancient material, by the age declined to several uses and here approached to the textile world.

Now let’s go deeper to better discover the main features of Silver.

Indeed it has been used for centuries to prevent and treat a variety of diseases, especially the infective types. It is well documented as silver coins were used in ancient Greece and at Roman times to disinfect stored water and many other liquids. Even today, NASA uses silver to preserve the purity of the Space Shuttle too!

Resistex gets the best from Silver and thinks of it matched with yarns, to realize a performing specialty of yarn.
Now we shortly analyze 6 points of value that make the yarns made with Resistex Silver different and even performing.

silver is an excellent conductor of heat, due to this characteristic it carries away excess heat, maintaining the body ideal temperature.

Because it protects the body from absorbing static energy, electrosmog and UV rays.

Because of its conductivity, the fiber absorbs and disperses electric charges accumulated from the environment or during physical exercise

Because of its particular structure, it maintains a constant effectiveness over time, even after many washings

Because silver can eliminate a broad-spectrum of microbes. It works on microorganism cell walls. Thanks to this property, copper helps to reduce bad odor caused by some microbes

100% natural, non-toxic and does not contain chemicals

As you can imagine, all the studies and tests that preceded the born of a product such as Resistex Silver take years of efforts. And this post is just a teaser to push you forward to know our discoveries that are changing the textile world