The bike. The bike is the road. The bike is the alignment of mind, heart and legs in unlimited and continuos motion. For the duration.

The Wonderful Socks were conceived on a summer’s day, next to a famous mountain, beloved by the cycling folk. Those who love
to climb mountains. tenaciuos men, light as a feather, ever close to the sky.

June 2014, Mont Ventoux. A giant 1,920 ms high, 20,8 km long, with a
7,5 % medium gradient. A cycling enthusiast’s dream and a goal.
A monster of eternal beauty. A huge stark peak emerging from a stunning forest. Everything is ready. Bicycle, apparel, legs and mind. But something is missing. Facing the challenge that will change your life, miles away
from home, yourealise you forgot the socks. But you can sacrify your feet because
real cyclists only need their legs, right? Socks are secondary, right? Wrong. Socks are key to manteining warm, insulated
and comfy feet. Hustle and sweat are the traffic island of an unforgettable day. It is respect and reverence for the mountain that drive the cycling enthusiast to the top of the peak. The challenge is won, socks down.

Each Wonderful Sock is made in Italy following the highest hosiery factory craft tradition. Everything is produced to a high standard to enhance your best performances.

We use first rate yarns only. Poplypropylene, a high-tech microfibre which is much more thermo-insulating them virgin wool. It spreads your sweat out 167 times faster then cotton to guarantee the best performance in extreme circumstances.

Resistex® Carbon is a fibre made from a unique and continuous filament of carbon and fabric fibres.

Highly breathable and incredibly light weight. Thanks to these enhancements the temperature of your feet remains stable, and any dampness is expelled very rapidly.