Greatest news for the new year. Tecnofilati Srl, owner of Resistex Yarns’ Brand and part of the Holding Abati Group, reminds you its presence at ISPO 2020 in Munich.

From january 26-29, more than 2.800 exhibitors will be presenting their latest sports products. Among all these international players Resistex Brand is ready to show to the world what’s behind the scene: the technical yarns which are necessary to realize sport products.

The protagonists of the exhibition present at Tecnofilati’s Stand (Hall C1, Booth 231) are:

ResistexBioceramic: used for the production of fabrics that, thanks to the presence of the minerals con-tained within it, are able to absorb and reflect the heat of the human body, allowing an advanced form of photo-treatment as it does not require a source of active light, but uses the reflected light generated by the body heat

ResistexCarbon: The high conductivity characteristics of Resistex® Carbon also allow a quick the dispersion of sweat, inducing sweat evaporation.
The less sweat comes in contact with the skin, the greater the wellbeing feeling, a comfortable wear that we can define “wellness even under pressure

ResistexSilver: Silver has very powerful antibacterial properties: it is sufficient the presence of a part on 100 million elemental silver in a solution, to have an effective antibacterial action.
Positive free radicals of silver are an active antibacterial agent. To have a bactericidal effect, they must be available on the bacterial surface; upon contact with it, silver instantly destroys microorganisms, blocking the enzymatic respiratory system

ResistexCopper: Resistex® Copper fights against microbes that can cause damages to human body. It’s a strong antibacterial product that can eliminates a broad-spectrum microbes, like silver. That’s way it is called as bactericidal agent.

Are you a brand? Are you a fabrics’ producer? Are you looking for tehcnical yarns able to increase the quality of your products?

Get to Hall C1, Booth 231 at ISPO 2020 in Munich and Increase Your Performance