Christmas Holidays are behind the corner and the time to be spent at home is in your hand at your disposal.

Resistex is your best companion able to guarantee a higher level of quality in life thanks to its range of yarns.

Home should be the place where you feel better, and choosing furnitures made of fabrics composed with our technical yarns allow you to have a safe life.

The most important brands realize their fabrics with special yarns, and the most are spinned in our industry Tecnofilati, the Italian textile company part of Abati Group, a holding company operating worldwide since 1977.

Today we tell you about Resistex BioCeramic, a unique yarn for its incredible properties able to improve human wellness.

Don’t you believe in it? Imagine a mattress, a pillow or a blanket tha just being used can give you wellness. Resistex BioCeramic allows this for several reasons. Above all there’s the property related to the Fir Rays Emission.

Thanks to the action of the Bioceramic, the body heat is absorbed by the yarn and then returned to the system in the form of FIR: rays able to penetrate the subcutaneus layers and to stimulate the microcirculatory system, strenghtening the metabolism.

Resistex Bioceramic is chosen for the best quality of home’s furnitures for its composition: the selection of a certain type of minerals characterized by thermic capacity and light and light reflection properties that create a new yarn.

  1. Titanium Dioxide
  2. Silicon Dioxide
  3. Aluminium Oxide
  4. Zinc Dioxide

Those minerals are put in the master-batch of the yarn in nanometer sized powder and then it is mixed with polyester and extruded to obtain Resistex Bioceramic.

Once placed on the market, Resistex Bioceramic is used for the production of fabrics able to absorb and to reflect the heat of the body allowing an advanced form of photo-treatment without requiring any kind of active light.

This is one of the various secrets that make each yarn branded by Resistex unique, useful and unbelievable.

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