The arrive of the fall season changes as a direct consequence the most of the human habits. The weather becomes colder, the time spent at home increases and the absolute quality of our textile products is a priority.

Our today’s focus is on the kind of mattress present in our bedrooms. It’s not a mistery that advertisings mainly speak about the features of Memory Models and other features about body posture and medical solutions against backache, but there’s another aspect too often underrated.

We’re referring to the composition of a mattress, and since the expertise developed in the spinning field, we’re also going to explain you the importance of the right yarn inside it.

Our customers generally choose to work with a particular yarn of our range: Resistex Bioceramic, that includes unbelievable properties able to improve the quality of our sleepy hours.


It works perfectly in the textile composition of the mattress to guarantee a unique performance to better the health of the body.

Indeed the master-batch of every single yarn contains minerals such as: Titanium Dioxide, Silicon Dioxide, Aluminium Dioxide and Zinc Dioxide, all characterised by thermic capacity and light reflection properties.

Resistex Bioceramic is able to reflect FIR: far infrared rays, a type of electromagnet waves of reduced lenght, able to penetrate the skin to a depth of 4/5 centimetres.

During the sleep, thanks to the action of the bioceramic, the body heat is absorbed by the yarn and returned to the body in form of FIR rays: that action stimulate the microcirculatory system, strenghtening the metabolism.

But the real secret of Resistex Bioceramic lays in an adjective: it’s permanent. Because of its particular structure, it mantains a constant effectiveness over time, even after multiple washings.

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