Late spring and stronger sun. Outdoor sport activities and body exposition the the sunbeam. This is a potentially dangerous combination that can damage human wellbeing.

Year after year the most skilled brands are looking for you innovative solution to better protect the sportsman who practices activities open air, trying to guarantee a four seasons and permanent solution.

Following this vision, Tecnofilati Srl, a company part of Holding Abati Group, developed and launched a technical yarn called Resistex Bioceramic, hence signed by the 26 years old brand that represent a world excellence in terms of research and innovation in the textile field.

The main property of Resistex Bioceramic related to today’s topic, the Sun Shielding one.

Resistex Bioceramic fibers guarantee indeed a reflective action of the rays of a thermal nature, generating a shielding effect against the heat of the sun. This keeps constant the internal temperature of the fabric, ensuring a long lasting coolness during sun exposure or sport activities.

This action provided by Resistex Bioceramic also interests another related feature so called “insulating Property”. Basically it offers a high thermal insulation able to keep the body temperature costant too. That’s why we talk about 4 seasons fabrics if based on yarns like Bioceramic!

This kind of property makes our yarn suitable forwork clothes and sportswear.