The first thought coming after summer, is high temperature and heat. The second one, how to overcome its consequence. Drinking more water is a short term solution, while finding in the performance of the yarns represents the long term one that you are looking for. Tecnofilati Srl, company part of Abati Group, owns the answer in its range of yarns, composed by a series of performing products studied to offer protection and improvement to the human body.

Today we list and present the main fetaures that you can find in Resistex Copper, Resistex Carbon, Resistex Silver, Resistex Bioceramic and Resistex Graphene, used for any field of the daily life: from clothes to home’s products, comibining protection and performance

So let’s go in depth of the so-called Summer-ish Performance:

SUN SHIELDING: Resistex® Bioceramic fibers guarantee a reflective action of the rays of a thermal nature, generating a shielding effect against the heat of the sun, keeping constant the internal temperature of the fabric and ensuring a long-lasting coolness during sun exposure or sport activities.

REVITALISING: Metals such as copper and silver are essential to the metabolism, both metals are necessary for growth and development, indispensable for good health. Elements such as copper are assimilated daily through water and food, but only a minor amounts is in fact retained by the body. Silver and copper fibers, when in contact with the skin, constitute a beneficial contribution for the body, improving its wellbeing.

INSULATING: Resistex® Bioceramic guarantees a high thermal insulation that keeps the body temperature constant even in extremely cold conditions.
This property makes Resistex® Bioceramic suitable for work clothes and sportswear.

(FIR) – BIO-INFRARED-RAYS EMISSION: Thanks to the action of bioceramics, the body heat is absorbed by the yarn before being returned in the form of
FIR (Far Infrared Rays) that are able to penetrate the subcutaneous tissues and to stimulate the microcirculatory system thus strengthening the metabolism.

HEAT REGULATING: Copper, Carbon and Silver speed up the evaporation process of sweat and slow down the build-up of moisture
on the skin and keeps the body at constant temperature

UV-RAYS PROTECTION: The special fibers of Resistex® Bioceramic protects from harmful UV-A UV-B rays.
Protection for the body from unhealthy external agents.

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