Resistex brand was protagonist during the last International Exhibition Rimini Wellness, dedicated to the sport world. For the kermesse several products made with our yarns were chosen in the stand of the international trainer Jill Cooper.

The best yarn for that moment was indeed Resistex Carbon, used to produce performing sock perfect for any kind of activities. The success was great, and thousands of sportsmen asked about this textile innovation that now we’d like to explain you all.

Carbon has numerous features that make it unique. The most important one, considering the warm season we’re facing, is for sure the Heat Regulating property. Due to this peculiarity Carbon speeds up the evaporation process, slows down the build-up of skin moisture and keeps the body at constant temperature. In addiction there’s the reflective feature, because it protects the body  from absorbing static energy, electrosmog and UV-rays.

Our company Tecnofilati created Resistex Carbon to better human performance in every condition, by offering three important benefits: the reduction of oxygen need, the reduction of heartbeats and the reduction of lactic acid.

Finally Resistex Carbon can also prevent the electric charges from discharging on the body, thus avoiding muscle contractions, cramps and fatigue. Carbon improves the electrical performance of the human body by promoting blood circulation and the regular supply of oxygen to the cells, offering an increasement in resistence and reducing the sense of fatigue in the muscles.