Could you imagine what the life would be like without sport? Obviously gloomy and grey, deprived of the shiver of any emotion. To hold up this thesis is an important scientific research (conducted by Anca Gaston and Harry Prapavessis of the University of Western Ontario, Canada) that explains how playing a sport could give you enormous benefits in emotional and psychological areas. If you practice sport with regularity, passion and the effort to achieve a goal it will better your mood. Your heart is pumping, your muscles are stimulated and your concentration is focused on an object. During sports activity the brain secretes endorphine from which derives an exhilarating effects being able to reduce stress and anxiety. And in that right moment it is required a dose of resistance and tenaticiy oriented to reach a top level. A real lifestyle in which Resistex®reflects itself. For many years our labouratories are conducting researches to create yarns which fit perfectly for sportsmen needs. For all those reasons we are pleased to introduce our two special yarns, related to sport and devoted to all the sportsmen who care their own body: Resistex® Bioceramic and Resistex® Carbon. Now discover the whole collection on our main website here.

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