Diet and sport go toghether, and move toward the same goal: increasing performance. That is the word guaranteed by the expert Nicola Sorrentino. The famous nutritionist focuses his analysis mainly on the balance between diet-given energy: “A well balanced diet implies the assumption of easy digestive foods, divided on the whole day”. But there are diet and diet, and the ones studied for sportsmen is different: “You can reach performance through a perfect psychophisical balance. I always suggest not to eat more than the calories really needed – as always it happens – but rather choosing a food which guarantees immediate energy contibution just to avoid the surge of glycaema”. Well, a universal diet does not exist, but the way to follow is completely different from the habits of eating pastasciutta at the early morning. “It’s basical the assumption of carbohydrate and complex sugars, which lay in breed and cereals. For any sportsmen, after the sport efforts – is truly important to re-balance the minerals of the organism and to realize it… Vegetable soup”.. C’mon!