Increase Your Performance. If you speak about Resistex® , you don’t mean a simple battle cry, because you are showing people a brand which is synonymous of efforts, engagement and win related to sport. If you want to know the concept of this brand, firstable, you have to love sport or enjoy with Resistex® social media’s activity where videos, images and interesting posts become a perfect example of winner performances among the agonistic disciplines.Resistex® belongs to Tecnofilati, an italian company settled in Medolago (Bergamo), and there the laboratories gave life to many different products, everyone with its own peculiarity.

So we start to describe the last one come to the world, named Resistex® Bioceramic. It is the ultimate discover in Resistex® Increase Your Performance. It enriches the range of high-tech and innovative yarns offering total protection against environmental changes and against their consequences on human health.Resistex® Bioceramic is a polyester fiber linked to bio-ceramic crystals and capable of performing an action highly beneficial to the human body.

maxresdefaultOn the one hand a natural absorbing function against harmful ultraviolet rays UV-A and UV-B impacting the skin causing irritation, sunburn and melanomas. On the other reflective action of the rays of thermal nature constitutes a real shielding effect against the heat of the sun. The unique technology of Resistex® Bioceramic allows to lower the temperature of the inner surface of the fabric ensuring freshness and comfort during sports activities and exposure to the sun.

UV factor: Prolonged exposure of the skin to ultraviolet rays increases the risk of skin cancer and can cause rashes and burns. The UV-A rays pass through the epidermis and, in a good proportion, reach the dermis, causing tissue damages, dryness and premature aging of the skin.

UV-B rays are instead totally absorbed by the epidermis subjecting it to the risk of burns, blemishes and irritations. The epidermis produces an important protective pigment, melanin. Because of the damage suffered by the cells that produce this substance we can assist the occurrence of permanent stains on the skin.

The pollution of the atmosphere is, however, progressively compromising the protection of the ozone layer facilitating the passage of UV rays. The Resistex® Bioceramic yarn is able to guarantee the right protection our body needs.

Well, now we can say that Resistex® represents one of those brands that incarnate a philosophy. For example you can imagine the effort of the athletes during a competition as reflection of sport’s purity. And so, look at a product Eco-Friendly and social addict! Resistex® needs the human contact from one side, and spiritual from the others, just to spread a precise message: Increase Your Perfomance.

That’s why we trust in the utility of a brand blog, where fans, customers journalists can meet a new kind to mean performance and innovation.