This is not a breaking news, but a record stuck in the history. The protagonist of the enterprise is the vice president of Google, not one of many, of course! Alan Eustace, 57 years old, fell down from an altitude more than 41.100 metres. Nowadays Baumgarter and Red Bull are an old story, with their 2 chilometres less than the second man of Atomic Entertainment and Paragon Space Development Corporation. The greatest “discount” lasted 15 minutes and, differently to Baumgarter, nobody knew about the enterprise. Do you know what is the secret for a great performance in the space? It’s simple: Silver! That ensure your heath also far from the atmosphere.

In the same way, Resistex® uses silver (best known as Resistex® Silver) to increase the healt, by wearing its clothes thank to the antibacterical properties: the presence of only one part of elementary silver in a 100 million parts solution is enough to achieve an effective antibacterical action. But there’s an exclusive plus introduced by Tecnofilati Laboratories, which is the high technology against the cold and afterwards the remedies to contrast the radiations’ problem too. It’s the reflecting power that in silver is greater than 95%.
Schermata 10-2456958 alle 16.21.19No other material has the same value and that means just one thing: the most part of radiant energy which comes into contact with silver is reflected back to its source.

Resistex® is not just a brand, but a real performant producer of several products certificated by test OEKO-TEX Classe 1 and Test Antibatterico Jis 1902, pushed forward by the battle cry