Listening to Skywalk looks like a stroll in heaven with lightness and pleasure for your feet. Indeed there’s a component of our Silver yarn in it. Skywalk is the new socks of Ibici.

Relaxing and energising unisex support socks, solutions of wellbeing and comfort also for her, in cotton or in polyamide, with the addition of yearns with antimicrobial, antistatic and thermoregulation effects. The real anatomic heel guarantees an optimal elastocompressive action, and the high, comfortable elastic band guarantees a perfect fit.

Energising unisex sock with Supplex, a yarn similar to cotton, footsole with Resistex, a yarn in silver with antistatic and antimicrobial effect on the sock. With anatomic heel and high comfort band. UNISEX Compression: 11/14 mmHg, 15/19 hPa

So it’s time to take the distance for a moment from the idea that Resistex is only for sportsmen. Yes, because Resistex fits everybody, in fashion and daily comfort too. Discover our yarns on WWW.RESISTEX.COM