In this particular period wher people are paying attention to hygiene and their personal safe, we want to talk about two kinds of technical yarns realized by our spinning industry and part of Resistex range.

All the studies are led in our italian labouratories and the production too is entirely done made in Italy by one of the companies which compose our holding: it’s Tecnofilati Srl.

Today’s protagonists are Resistex Silver and Resistex Carbon, made unique by benefical properties useful for people wellness and protection.

Resistex Silver: Silver has very powerful antibacterial properties: it is sufficient the presence of a part on 100 million elemental silver in a solution, to have an effective antibacterial action.
Positive free radicals of silver are an active antibacterial agent. To have a bactericidal effect, they must be available on the bacterial surface; upon contact with it, silver instantly destroys microorganisms, blocking the enzymatic respiratory system (ie the production of energy) and altering the microbial DNA and the cell wall, without causing toxic effects on human cells in vivo.
In addition to the recognized antibacterial properties, silver has the power to facilitate the healing of “lazy lesions” (difficult to solve) and regenerate the damaged tissue.
The demonstration of a lower inflammatory reddening of the lesions in contact with silver also attests to the anti-inflammatory properties of this precious element.

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Resistex Carbon: The high conductivity characteristics of Resistex® Carbon also allow a quick the dispersion of sweat, inducing sweat evaporation.
The less sweat comes in contact with the skin, the greater the wellbeing feeling, a comfortable wear that we can define “wellness even under pressure”.
Another peculiarity of our yarn is the feeling of wellbeing, connected to the high level of conductivity of the yarn.

The presence of Resistex® Carbon avoids the dejection of electric charges against human body.
We can consequently state that carbon improves the electric performance of our body allowing a decrease in body swear and an increasing its evaporation.

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