Who does not like summer? Who does not wait for a couple of months made of warm weather and freedom? We call that summer, the season where men and women get back to contact with nature, practicing sports or relaxing at the seaside or sorrounded by the fresh air of mountain.

However these situations expose human body to the external environment, and it’s necessary to take some protection and to preserve your wellness.

For this reason many brands choose our special yarn ResistexSilver, studied and developed by our company Tecnofilati Srl, thanks to its features that make it unique, a perfect ally to protect organism from bacteria. Now we go in deep to best know our product.

Silver has been used for centuries to prevent and treat a wide variety of diseases, especially infectious. It’s widely documented that silver coins were used in ancient Greec and  in Roman times to disinfect stored water and many other liquids. Even today, NASA uses silver to preserve the purity of water in the Space Shuttle.

Hence, you’ll find in ResistexSilver the following features:

  1. Antimicrobial
  2. Antistatic
  3. Heat Regulating
  4. Reflective

It bases its peculiarities on the many beneficial and healing qualities of Silver. Born from years of research and studies conducted in Tecnofilati’s laboratories, Resistex Silver is an exclusive and innovative yarn based on 99,9% pure Silver.