A year of a blog, a million of clicks and shares. Resistex is more than a brand, and now it’s becominc a lifestyle too. Think you about your own routine, watch all your need and finally look for an answer. IF you don’t find it, we could suggest oue blog: resistexperformance.com

It’s been an inspiration for all the year long fo sportsmen, athlets and new technologies addicted who could know, in that way, the best yarn made in Italy. Said that: welcome back after summer holidays!

Today we are pleased to introduce you our calendar, made to guide your facebook navigation and cross through your interests… Because Resistex is not only sport and now we want to dimonstrate it. Our suggestion is to click  like on Resistex facebook fan page, following all our updates

Monday: news from the sport

Tuesday: news from army

Wednesday: news from blog
Thursday: news from medical world
Friday news from home safety
Why this? Because our multitasking yarns can improve your life-wellness… Enjooy Resistex!!