Commerce’s socks brings the mark of Resistex®. This is the summary of the research conducted by our team that discovered a countless number of scattered pics in Google image through the analysis of the tags. The result shows the quick diffusion of our yarn for the production of socks since Resistex® foundation. It was very fun for us to look at the incredible number of different types of socks been realized by using our yarns. All these manufacturing companies let to get inside their products the soul and the philosophy of our brand just for one goal: to increase the performance and the safe of every people day by day. In the same way it was fan also to understand how many uses of a single yarn that produce several products with different uses: socks for travel, socks for a sport challange or a long day of work. It’s always astonishing to realize that people can increase their performance thank to our yarn – wherever it will be used. Now we’re going to show you some of the products realized by our yarn in the following gallery.

The factor that really marks our yarn is the “made in italy” manufacturing: since its foundation, Resistex® is active in the spreading of the culture of textile industry which is vivid and present in every moment of human lives