More and more people are paying attention to the importance of sanitizing effects also in clothes. Due to this reasons, brands are looking for technological yarns to improve the qualities of the fabric used, to offer new features to the customers.

Today’s focus goes on our yarn Resistex Silver, laso used because of its properties, by the Swiss company HumanWellness Sa, owner of the cosmeto-textile brand BeGood. Each product of the company shows a specific feature: the gusset of the legging is made with our yarn Resistex Silver, because of its sanitising effect. Indeed Silver is able to eliminate a large spectrum of microbes, acting on the cell wall of microorganisms. Helps in reducing bad smells caused by some microbes.

Resistex® Silver is created by combining a layer of about 0.5 micron of silver (about 20%), 99.9% pure with a textile support, through a particular and complex production process. The silver treated in this way is irreversibly bound to the textile surface, and then joined by further processing processes with natural fibers such as cotton, or synthetic, such as nylon or polypropylene microfibres. Silver has very powerful sanitizing properties: it is sufficient the presence of a part on 100 million elemental silver in a solution, to have an effective sanitizing action.
Positive free radicals of silver are an active sanitizing agent. To have a disinfectant effect, they must be available on the microbial surface; upon contact with it, silver instantly destroys microorganisms, blocking the enzymatic respiratory system (ie the production of energy) and altering the microbial DNA and the cell wall, without causing toxic effects on human cells in vivo.

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