Resistex is more than a brand. It’s a lifestyle that represents the soul present in every single yarn of its range. Each one has been thought, studied and realised along 25 years of activities of Tecnofilati, thanks to the ability of the R&D Department and multiple tests made with the most important universities.

This story starts from far in the time, it’s 1995 when after its foundation Tecnofilati gave birth to a collection of excellence nowadays indispensable for people’s daily life.

Five yarns, all signed by Resistex brand: Copper, Bioceramic, Carbon, Silver and Inox. Each one of them has different features from the others, but all in common has the proof of effectiveness.

Today there are 5 yarns realised by  brand Resistex®Copper, Bioceramic, Carbon, Silver ed Inox. Each one i characterised by specific properties, able to improve body’s performances and protecting it from environmental injuries: from static electricity to UV-A and UV-B rays, through multiple applications.

The Resistex® products line consists of a range high tech yarns designed and studied to be applied on sportswear, protective and wellness clothing and fabrics. Discover how a normal piece of clothing can turns into an ally capable to improving every performance.

Now we introduce you to the Tech Performances of our yarns:


Silver is able to counteract a broad-spectrum of microbes, generally present in fabrics,
by actingdirectly on the cell wall of these microorganisms. [Resistex Silver]


The external environment often creates problems with the control of static electricity and variable electric fields.
This has repercussions on the human body, which requires antistatic protection. [Resistex Copper, Resistex Carbon, Resistex Silver]


Resistex® Bioceramic fibers guarantee a reflective action of the rays of a thermal nature, generating a shielding effect against the heat of the sun, keeping constant the internal temperature of the fabric [Resistex Bioceramic]


Metals such as copper and silver are essential to the metabolism, both metals are necessary for growth and development, indispensable for good health [Resistex Copper]


Resistex® Bioceramic guarantees a high thermal insulation that keeps the body
temperature constant even in extremely cold conditions. [Resistex Bioceramic]


Thanks to the action of bioceramics, the body heat is absorbed by the yarn before being returned in the form of
FIR (Far Infrared Rays) that are able to penetrate the subcutaneous tissues and to stimul
the microcirculatory system thus strengthening the metabolism. [Resistex Bioceramic]


In copper is present the superoxide dismutase enzyme (SOD), which operates as a
valid action against free radicals that cause degenerative aging. [Resistex Copper]


It speeds up the evaporation process of sweat, it slows down the build-up of moisture
on the skin and keeps the body at constant temperature. [Resistex Copper, Resistex Carbon, Resistex Silver]


The special structure of the yarn maintains its effectiveness over time, even after several washings cycles.
This feature makes Resistex® yarns’ performance unlimited over time. [Resistex Bioceramic, Resistex Copper]


Resistex® Carbon and Resistex® Silver yarns give protection to the body from electrostatic fields and electrosmog. [Resistex Silver, Resistex Carbon]


The special fibers of Resistex® Bioceramic protects from harmful UV-A UV-B rays.
Protection for the body from unhealthy external agents [Resistex Bioceramic]

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