A new year has come, and the latest new are all related to innovation: each field is looking for new natual way able to improve people wellness during the daily life.

Last month Tecnofilati Industries, part of the Textile Holding Abati Group, took part to ISPO 2020 in Munich, Germany. There the whole world of sport and athleisure, and all the main brands, were looking for new compounds to give performance to their products.

What came from was a great interest for the Yarns Collection showed by Tecnofilati Srl, with its brand Resistex – High Technical Yarns.


The shooting star of the exhibition was for sure the Graphene Yarn. ResistexGraphene is the new entry and the most waited by the textile world, because Graphene is considered the “Wonder Material”, made unique by incredible features… Are you ready to discover them with us?

Increase your performance with the carbon-based “wonder material”!

Graphene, obtained experimentally only about ten years ago, is today the most studied material in the world. Although there are of two-dimensional (2D) crystals, graphene is unquestionably the most famous for its intrinsic features.

It is produced starting from the graphite and consists of a monoatomic layer of a carbon atoms, arranged in an hexagonal structure. It is the thinnest material existing in nature but with the thickness of a single atom. Graphene has a very high surface area, which is also a barrier almost impermeable to the vast majority of chemical elements.

Tecnofilati Srl, always focused to innovative and performing materials, has developed a new generation of conductive yarns, able to chemically bind Graphene to the surface.

The Graphene used by Tecnofilati to realize Resistex Yarns represents the highest quality of the market, chosen only after an accurate check of the atomic layers

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