Years of dedication, study, tests and research come to an end. Or better: they come to a discovery. Tecnofilati Srl, company of Abati Group adds one more masterpiece to its range of technical and high performing yarns: Resistex Graphene, the evolution of carbon, the one and the only on the market.


It is produced from high quality Graphene raw materials, certified by a prestigious Italian University, centre of excellence on nano-structures, through technical analysis of optical and electron microscopy and micro-raman spectroscopy of the graphene-coated yarn.

The graphene used in these yarns is of the highest quality available on the market, with an accurate control of the atomic layers (average distribution of 6 ÷ 8 atomic layers) supported by a quality certificate issued by a prestigious Italian University.

Except for teasing your curiosity we won’t unveil too much here, just a few clues about it that you can discover in-depth by clicking here on our website.It