Wellness and performance, hand in hand, start from a correct rest. In order to achieve it, it’s necessary to choose the right products to sleep. Today we want to make you understand this concept by taking a case history, with our client FABE, that chose Resistex Copper Yarn to realise the pillow covers.

Pillow cover with zip, made in pleasantly soft knit fabric with 25% Copper yarn, created from a combination of natural or artificial fibres and a slender filament of pure copper. By means of the exceptional properties of this metal, necessary for growth and development, and indispensable for a good state of health, Copper fabric is beneficial for the human body.

It is suitable for combating free radicals, because copper is present in the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD), which has a notable effect on free radicals, the cause of ageing. Temperature-regulating Because copper is an excellent conductor of heat; as a result of this characteristic, it dissipates excess heat, keeping the body at the ideal temperature. Breathable Accelerates the evaporation of perspiration. Antimicrobial Because copper is capable of eliminating a wide range of microbes, acting on the micro-organisms’ cell walls. By means of this property, it helps reduce the unpleasant odours caused by some microbes. 

Anti-static Because its special conductive fibres absorb and disperse the electrical charges accumulated from the exterior environment or during physical exercise. Natural 100% natural, non-toxic, does not contain chemical