Wellness through the yarns. Between the latest textile news of the moment, there’s Resistex philosophy made of wellness and performance. The Italian brand owns in its range of products offers a futuristic vision now become reality that recover from the past an ancient raw material

Copper as a benefical agent for human body: this is a fact. But now it’s been used in a new way, named Resistex Copper: a yarn with an high technology inside.

Tecnofilatis’ laboratories highlighted a double function to better use the copper. the first one sees it basical for human growth, the second one means copper an important anti age agent.


For human body metabolism copper is an essential element for children growth, specially to make stronger bones” and to sustain the production of red and white blood cells, cholesterols, heart contraction, heart contraction and brain development.


Copper is an ally to stop skin aging, and also adults SHOULD ABSROBCopper should take an amount of copper everyday. It is present in the superoxydedismutase enzyme. It explains why copper works like strong antioxidant: a valid action to eliminate free radicals that cuse the aging. Copper is present in a human adult in the extend of 1.4 – 2.1 mg per kilo of body weight, an amount three times greater in the first years of life. An adult needs a daily intake of 0.9 mg of copper per day (as determined by the National Academy of Science, USA). A daily intake of copper is therefore necessary to mantain a good balance, specially in normal conditions where the human body retains only 1% of the ingested copper.

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