All the great efforts of our team during the last 20 years of daily work, in addiction to the business demand’s growth, gave an important contribute for the worldwide spread of our yarns

More attention to the body wellness, more product life and more quality. In that scenario brands and weavers decided to change and choose Resistex yarns, produced by Tecnofilati, an Abati Group company. Indeed our team was able to offer yarns fittable for various fields of production.

Today we look at 4 products and 4 uses of our special yarn Resistex Copper.

A premise. Resistex® Copper is a high-tech yarn obtained by the union of natural or artificial fibers with pure copper.

  1. HEAT REGULATING AND MOISTURE TRANSFER: Because it speeds up the evaporation process of perspiration,slow down the formation of humidity on the skin and keeps the temperature constant.

Blankets/Mattress: two products that could be realized by using this magic yarn. Its capability  of balancing allow people to sleep better, protcting them from temperature changing, mantining stable the human body.

  1. ANTIMICROBIAL: Because copper can eliminate a broad-spectrum of microbes. It works on microorganism cell walls. Thanks to this property, copper helps to reduce bad odor caused by some microbes.

Towels: Everybody knows that during the last two centuries human’s quality of life has increased due to the increasment of hygiene. So towels made with Resistex Copper offer more protection againt bacteria

  1. 100% NATURAL no toxic components, no chemical products. Only what nature offers!

Products for babies: our children’s safety comes first. On this philosofy we suggest the naturale aspect of our products, that are perfect for the skin care of a baby

  1. FIGHTING THE FREE RADICALS: Because copper is present in the superoxide dismutase enzyme. It has a strong antioxidant valid action eliminating free radicals, the cause of aging.

Beauty Bands: a lot of cosmetics brands are producing and launching new product based on textile to help your skin against time. Resistex Copper becomes your ally!

 Enter Resistex world and choose Copper for your products: customer satisfaction comes first!