Tweetting is something cool, we know, also speed in communication and very useful to pass through the meaning of a content. That’s why we have made social Resistex® Brand knowledge to all the people. The innovative yarns created by Tecnofilati allows to realize perfect products. The one we’d like to speak about in this article is named Resistex® Carbon and consists of a continuous filament of conductive material based on active carbon and textile fibers.

Thanks to the brand’s web site, our team created several tweets to spread the performance of this yarn. It’s a good way to reah many people with a precise concept, avoiding to lose attention and engagement with us. Resistex® Carbon is perfect and suitable for sportsmen  due to the efficiency of technical sportswear, that increases muscolar performances of the athlete. People have few time to spend, and they don’t waste it! We’d like to give a drop of knowledge directly on fans’ devices (smartphones, tablets, computers..) generating curiosity and offering concretes numbers of the valuor of our yarns. In this case, speaking about Resistex® Carbon, we observe a performance of 24,68% at 15 minutes against one of 24,93% at the end of 30 minutes.

That’s great! So.. We just ask you: do you wanna try?