One of the greatest passion is outdoor sport. Discipline and resistence are the main features of every athlete that proves the abilty of the body. But there are also many variables that can change the scenario.

Achieving a great peformance depends on athletic preparation and how the body also reacts to the external environment where it’s facing a challenge. From that situation Tecnofilati company decides to study and to produce a yarn based on carbon: Resistex Carbon, born to increase the quality of sportswear, giving protection to athletes’ muscles from the environment

All the range of yarns made with Resistex Carbon used for sportswear, allow to increase athletes performances. Numerous tests in collaboration with Dr. David Susta, Scientific Director of the Development Training Centre in Co-mo, have compared the jersey Resistex® Carbon to other polyester jerseys, worn by a group of athletes during a workout in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

The high conductivity characteristics of Resistex® Carbon also allow a quick the dispersion of sweat, inducing sweat evaporation.
The less sweat comes in contact with the skin, the greater the wellbeing feeling, a comfortable wear that we can define “wellness even under pressure”

The results shown that the increase of body tem-perature in Resistex® Carbon jersey was three times lower: that allows to save 3 liters per minute, increasing resistance and respiratory quotient.

Resistex is a Tecnofilati’s brand, a company of the holding Abati Group, skilled in the production of technical yarn, able to produce solutions for every situation where human body is proved by the external environment. Now we introduce you some features of the incredible yarn


It accelerates the evaporation process of sweat, it slows down the formation of moisture on the skin and keeps the temperature constant.


The external environment often creates problems with the control of static electricity and variable electric fields. This has repercussions on the human body, which requires antistatic protection. The special conductive fibers in carbon, copper or silver absorb and disperse the electric charges, preventing them from discharging on our body, thus avoid-ing cramps and fatigue and improving well-being in sport and in everyday life.

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