When Tecnofilati’s Laboratories said: “eureka!”, time went by, and only after many experiments they could say also “Win!”… Company’s dirigency indeed decided to stress the result of that brilliant research, to find errors or lacks and – if they weren’t present – standing out the perfection of italian technology. By this way Carbon was born, like any other Resistex® yarn, because all the experiments are meant like a challange to win.

So It’s not a casuality that Resistex® battle cry is “Increase Your Performance”, thanks to its made in italy manufacturing and its world wide distribution. All the experiments overtook every test to whome they were subdued like: pH, toxic sostances and bad smells.

The exit? It was stunning by obtaining OEKO Certification – Tex Standard 100 for the most elevated class performance. Well, it’s a product without toxicity but based on active carbon and textile fibers able to absorb and to waste the electric charge during sport or work activity. This is why it is suggested to all the world sportsmen. An additional guarantee is given by the possibility to use the carbon also if you are a child… Moreover if you are under two! And last but not least, Carbon respects the ambient.