Full speed ahead for mr Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s owner, number one of the online selling that, for sure, in his own life he never restricted his business to the books commerce. Jeff really knows what market wants, and moreover he’s really capable to offer what consumers desire. By this way, a grateful surprise for us happened during a web navigation: we typed “Resistex” – as always – on Google Search Engine and…. What did we see? A marvellous tracksuit realized by our yarns. Well: Amazon is selling our products, and their price is an affair: just 199,99 dollars instead of 300,00! In parallel a deepened description which presents the benefits given by our yarns.

Firstable: the antistatic properties which facilitate the scattering of electric charge, giving a better blood fluency during the sport efforts. Moreover the transportation of oxygen molecules becomes quicker through cells’ relocation. The whole tracksuit is covered by Polyester Jersey, advised for all the people that practice sport activities such as bike, surf, triathlon etc. Great results at all that make us also surprised: our yarns reduce lactic acid concentration about 12% and they reduce the heart pulse.

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