The textile world sees the adfirmation of high technical value that, added to the traditional yarn, can offer a new way of performance plus to the quality of a product.

Since technology and product development go hand in hand, nowadays we find out in the Resistex Brand a new kind of technical yarn enriched by the presence of pure Silver blended with natural fibers such as cotton, or synthetic fibers such as nylon or polypropylene.

Four main features are representative of Resistex Silver:

  1. Antimicrobic
  2. Antistatic
  3. Thermoregulator
  4. Reflective

Today’s in-depth analysis is related to curative properties of silver. After several years of researches, we discovered that by uniting 0,5 micron of silver (about the 20% of the yarn) pure at 99,9%, it is permanently tied to the textile surface.

This strong endurance allows to transfer the via osmosis the free radicals of the yarn into the human skin, hence contrasting the bacteria which causes bad smells.

Plus, silver is able to cure sluggish injuries, regenerating the tissue previously damaged.

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