Imagine for an instance the longest-term project, that starts with a dream as it usually happens in the most typical business story. Then realize that everything is true and above all it is completely made in Italy.

Abati Group is the story of two generations Family business that endures over time thanks to the foundation of companies and brands in its three main fields: raw materials, yarns and cosmetic & textile clothing. The Abati Group is composed of two companies that interact with each other: Abafil srl and Tecnofilati srl. Then, last but not there’s HumanWellness SA, founded in 2013, as part of the ABATI GROUP textile group

“All the productions of the group companies are Made in Italy because we strongly believe that the excellence, the handicraft and the competence of our staff are the top guarantee of quality that we can offer to our customers”

Today we introduce each company of Abati Group, specifying their main qualities. It’s time to improve your company and products with the real innovation: excellence, handicraft and competence. These values distinguish Abati Group and are the top guarantee of quality that we can offer to our customers. We are passionate about our job, our ambition is to progress and innovate by always offering the best quality to build solid ties with our business partners.

ABAFIL – Quality Yarns: Abafil offers a wide variety of yarns: from cotton to viscose, from blends to polyester. Unique and twisted yarns that range from weaving for furniture and clothing to more technical and less conventional fields of application.

TECNOFILATI – high tech yarns: Tecnofilati has specialized in the manufacture of high tech yarns based on silver, carbon, stainless steel, copper and bioceramic, which produces and distributes with the Resistex brand.

HUMANWELLNESS SA: It started from an idea: to revamp the concept of shapewear and take into a new level, beyond its traditional function, transform it into a smarter product, beautiful, practical, functional, a real wearable beauty treatment for the body.

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