Sustainability and innovation touch the short of the textile world with an innovation directly to the production system that sees protagonist our client Berenis, an Italian Company that chose our technical yarn Resistex Carbon, to give birth to Fly Carbon. Resistex Carbon is a yarn characterised by the unique technical features, obtained through the union of textile fibers with a continuous filament of conductive material based on active carbon.

It is born to better human performance in every condition by offering three important benefits: the reduction of oxygen need, the reduction of heartbeats and the reduction of lactic acid. Based on this inner innovation Berenis has selected a dedicated fabric platform for printed products. A very valid proposal of materials from a comfort perspective that marries with performance, durability and color rendering.

The digital technology is used for the production of transfer papers, to produce only what is needed and obtain the print quality, with water colors. Innoivation by innovation launched on the market FLY Carbon.

It’s a new high-end fabric containing Resistex Carbon yarn that demontrated to work for printed products. Because of this the surface structure is soft and smooth, anbd the hydrophilic treatment emphazises the fast dry feature. Carbon Yarns from Resistex are naturally bacteriostatic (100% natrual, non-toxic) enrighed by antistatic properties as well as by the thermoregulating ones.

The electric charges that are dispersed in the body of an athlete are responsible for numerous negative effects. That’s why the sports fabrics that include in their composition the Resistex® Carbon yarn can prevent the electric charges from discharging on the body, thus avoiding muscle contractions, cramps and fatigue.

Carbon improves the electrical performance of the human body by promoting blood circulation and the regular supply of oxygen to the cells, offering an increase in resistance and reducing the sense of fatigue in the muscles.

A physical test performed over a period of thirty minutes, with athletes wearing a shirt containing Resistex® Carbon yarn, shows that at the 15th minute and at the 30th minute, the athlete’s metabolic energy presents a growth index of yield, which goes from 24.68% to 24.93% and indicates that the muscular system can transform heat into mechanical energy.

Especially in high temperatures and resistance tests, the conductivity of the Resistex® Carbon yarn stabilizes the external environment, favoring athletic performance over the medium to long term, if compared to adversaries wearing a fabric without those properties. Why Resistex Carbon for your Perofmance? Beyond the physical prowess, the competitive motivations and the ability to analyze competitive situations, the right yarn can also make the difference.

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