Manslaughter. This the judgment taken by the court of Pretoria, South Africa, against the athlete Oscar Pistorius. Today the sprint runner has been put into a prison van and has left the court to begin his jail sentence. Our blog team read the news on the website Breaking News. Pistorius is charged to have committed his girlfriend murder Reeva Steenkamp in the early morning of Thursday, 14 February 2013, with a shot.

Now, for the athlete, 5 years of jail.

A dramatic episode without apparent motivations. A dramatic aspect that wastes a brilliant sport career, breaking Pistorius’ notoriety. Resistex struggles every day for a clean world. The idea of perfection we look for in our laboratories, finalized to the realization of perfect yarns for a perfect sports activity, is related to specific worthes: pace, integrity and effort.

Resistex, everyday, want to support the improvement of world quality. Finally we’d like to thank wikipedia that gives to the world perfect reports of the main characters spoken by people and newspaper.