As told by Ansa Agency in the las few hours, Onu recognized sport’s autonomy during the 69th Ordinary Session of United Nation placed in New York. It’s a real event, destinated to turn the page on the world of sport, which is going to become different from past. In the document reported by Ansa, it is confirmed that “everybody must substain sport’s independence and autonomy, and Cio mission which leads the Olympic Games”.

For the Olympic Committee this goal represent an historical event. Indeed we must stat to see sport like an instrument to reach people education, development and peace, moreover underlining Cio role to outcome these object.

World Event, by this way, must be organized with a paceful spirit, friendship and no racism against people, because we are made of the same material by Nature. “We are extremely glad – Cio President Thomas Bach told – that the document speaks about the importance to create partnerships with political organization”. Nowadays international relations can take for example the excellent synergy between Onu and Cio. This allows sport to remain nonpartisan, operating just for people happiness