In any case a player is always a player. But there’s somebody who is considered The Player! The name is David Beckham, and the rumor related to him is not just a new hair style or goal, but an effective change of life. Pardon, sport-life. The open mind athlete came from soccer and enter to Triathlon. The news was spread one year ago, however facts show that it was not a new kind of fashion but a new way of life.

Every morning Beckham wakes up at 4.00 A.M o’clock and, with his close friend chef Gordon Ramsey, he practices a full training during the week constituted by 1.5 km of swimming, 40 km of bike and 10 km of runnings. “David misses too much the agonism – his friends say – and due to the need of finding new emotions and stimuli he fell in love with triathlon”.

In latest interview also mr Andrea Abati, CEO of Resistex®, confirmed that triathlon would be the sport of the future, finding much more than a proof in Beckham’s choice. By the way the italian brand represents nowadays one of the best yarn producers for triathlon wearing, proposing the Bioceramic® – just used to realize 707 Resistex clothes.

Now let us dreaming: what if sir David Beckham will play one day with our Team! Lot of fun, athletes!