When the environment is changing due to the season and people need to look at new garments, the choice goes to what could make them comfortable. But it’s not enough, cause the need is stricly close to find out what’s even proform against the climate.

Hence the second part of our analysis of Resistex Silver yarn, mostly oriented now to explein how it works against the heat. In the in-depth presentation of Resistex Silver during the cold seasons we saw: the reflective power, the radiating power and the evaporating power.

Relating now Silver to the heat of late spring and summertime, we can underline two important features: thermal conductivity and evaporating power.

Before getting ready to unveil them, we should make a premise at the very beginning of the process. Irradiations lose their importance with the increasement of temperature. Hence the solutions against excessive temperatures must solve the problems of conduction, convection and evaporation. By this way Resistex Silver addresses the conduction and the evaporation using some basic principles:

Thermal Conductivity: Silver, among all the elements present on our planet, confirms to have the highest rate of thermal conduction. Being a conductive fibers mean to be able to distrbute correctly and uniformaly the heat along all the whole yarn. So a fabric made of Resistex Silver present the same temperature and the same presence of heat from point to point.

Especially during the hot season, conductivity is the most functional heat transfer agent, and the presence of Resistex Silver favors the natural action of the body accelerating the conduction from the heat emitted by the skin, playing differently from normal garments that just put on a barrier to heat conduction.

As a silver teaspoon in a cup of boiling tea makes, Resistex Silver conducts the heat of the skin to the surrounding air allowing the cooling of the human body.

Evaporating Power:

As previously described, Resistex Silver accelerates the movement of moisture by evaporation and as a result Resistex Silver garments increase the body’s wellbeing during the hot season, minimising moisture in contact with the skin